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Our Story

Our vision is simple. You need a bag that will see you through work trips, unforgettable vacations, making Christmas memories with your family, exploring a new country with your best friend, or taking a noteworthy weekend getaway. Children in foster care simply need a bag to carry their belongings from home to home. .

At any given time, there are over 400,000 kids in the foster care system within the U.S. alone. It’s normal for a child to have moved from home to home over 15 times, which means moving almost every year of their childhood. Earlier this year I read a shocking Instagram post my cousin shared about how most of those 400,000 kids make those 15 intimidating, uncomfortable moves with nothing but a trash bag holding their belongings. I know sending these kids a massive duffle bag won’t solve all of the foster care systems’ flaws, but after I read that stat, a fire lit inside of me to try to  help instill a sense of confidence and ownership into these kids as they make their brave journey to their new home.

For the last year I have dreamed of, planned, and created a company called “This Belongs To_” that will always give back. When you buy a bag, we send a bag to the National Angeles Foster Care Organization, and they send a bag to a foster care child with a blank space on it for their name. We created a Kickstarter to raise $32,000 in 32 days, all or nothing. We raised $42,000. Our dream to make a difference in these kids’ lives is becoming a reality with every purchase. We’re still small, but with your help we’re making a big difference. Every purchase is impacting a child in need.

We’re all on a journey— so here’s to helping theirs.

Click here to see where it all started and watch our Kickstarter Video.